97th DOG Annual Meeting 1999



A. M. Dewaidar, I. El Bably, A. Karamani

The intermttent exotropia is chracterized by the presence of a period of fusion and binocular vision during the state of allignment alternating with a period of supression during the state of exodeviation.

The surgical results of 190 patients with intermittent exotropia treated via
1-Bimedial resection
2-Bilateral recession
3-Resection -recession on the deviating eye
and having at least 5 years of follow-up are reviewed. These data are analyzed from a standpoint of deferent parameters. The initial surgical results were satisfactoryin all patients. At the last follow-up visit 75% of the patients after bimedial resection and 69% of the patients with the recession-resection technique showed satisfactory results

The undercorrection was higher (60 in the patients after bilateral recti-recession at the last follow-up visit.

Universit Eye Hospital, El-Raml Station, Alexandria, Egypt