97th DOG Annual Meeting 1999



G. Pötzsch, C. Redbrake

Eye banks are forced to adapt their infrastructural processes because of an increasing number of transplanted corneas and new strict rules for documentation. Concerning administrative and documentary affairs there has been no comprehensive computerized support so far.

Method: Based on MS Access 7.0 we developed a datatbase system to run on PC under Windows NT. The system manages all informations concerning donor, relatives and the recipient. The whole system is arranged around the tissue itself. Standardized documents and letters are processed automatically upon demand without repeated input of informations.

Results: Since the introduction of the database system in October 1998 there have not been any considerable problems. Easy handling and quick work led to a decrease of administrative tasks in the bank.

Conclusion: The database system supports the daily work of technical assistents in cornea banks. It allows concentration on the tissue itself by reducing the administrative work to a minimum.

Augenklinik der RWTH Aachen