97th DOG Annual Meeting 1999



T. Kube1, S. Herr2, C. Dahlke1, I. Weinberg3, B. Kirchhof1, K. Spitzer2

In many practices written medical documentation has been replaced by special electronic practice software. Lacking true network performance they were unfitting for clinics, therefore only office applications for communication and accountancy were used. But also eye clinics may benefit from being able to add and change all relevant information instantly at any terminal with an electronic patient management system. The electronic patient calendar and operation schedule therefore considers information like operation room and staff availability, and the number and status of stationary beds in order to reduce the administrative work load. Relevant patient records and findings are always instantly available, a well-functioning archive is dispensable. A standardized assessment and documentation routine for all staff members using guidelines and scientific protocols leads among others to an improved training. Electronic databases (MED-LINE, pharmacological databases etc.) can be challenged parallel to the examination. Relevant findings like angiograms and ultrasonic images can be transmitted instantly in order to make appropriate decisions. It is also possible to generate medical reports more efficiently, faster and easier in order to communicate with the referring college. This contributes to an improvement in patient care.

Realization: While implementing a Hospital PC-Network the medical requirements and the legal, technical, structural and internal conditions for an eye clinic were determined and a market analysis was performed. As part of the house network a commercial documentation and accounting software with networking performance (ifa) and the required hard- and software for a 45-terminal system (Windows NT 4.0) was purchased and implemented in cooperation with the manufacturer. The user interface as the most important link between user and system had to be developed anew according to software ergonomical aspects.

2Institut f. Medizinische Informatik, Universitätsklinikum der RWTH D-52057 Aachen, Germany
3Institut für Päd. Psychologie, Universität Erfurt, Postfach 307, D-99006 Erfurt, Germany