97th DOG Annual Meeting 1999



D. Branisteanu, D. Chiselita, I. Apatachioaie, C. Grigoruta, O. Popovici

Purpose: To evaluate the efficiency and the visual outcome of one step cataract extraction and pars plana vitrectomy.

Methods: Retrospective study evaluating a series of 10 cases who underwent extracapsular cataract extraction and pars plana vitrectomy in one step procedure. In 2 of the cases a posterior chamber IOL was placed. The reason for surgery was a non clearifying vitreous haemorrhage, mainly related to diabetes (7 cases) and significant lens opacities. The mean age in the study was 64.5 years (range 52-75 years).

Results: All patients improved vision after surgery with at least 2 lines. In 2 of the cases the pars plana victretomy was repeated because of the recurrence of vitreous haemorrhage. At 6 month follow-up the functional results are stable with an excellent visualization of the retina.

Discussion and Conclusion: Many authors report cases of combined vitreoretinal and cataract extraction techniques. Good visual result and low incidence of major postoperative complications confirm this one step procedure as first choice in selected cases.

Eye Clinic, University of Medicine and Pharmacy - Iasi, Romania