97th DOG Annual Meeting 1999



T.-M. Wohlrab1, P. Zill1, C. Erb2, J. M. Rohrbach2

Purpose: Age-corrected values are required for the assessment of discrete difference light sensitivity (DLS) changes in evaluation of perimetric results. Especially, to detect incipient glaucomatous visual field defects, the present study's aim is to establish age-corrected normal values with the new perimeter "Centerfield".

Methods: A test group (n=50) of ophthalmologically and clinically unremarkable subjects 18-74 years of age was examined in the Eye Clinic in Plauen. Criteria for exclusion from the study were glaucoma or hereditary eye disease in immediate family relatives, diabetes mellitus, unstable or manifest hypertonia, multiple sclerosis, convulsive disorders, a previous stroke, or the use of psycho-active drugs. After a brief introductory program to familiarize the test person, the threshold-splitting programm of the Centerfield was used for values in the central visual field (30º). In addition after a short break, the peripheral visual field was examined (40-70º).

Results: Age-related normal values were calculated both as group averages and regression lines by statistical analysis of the resulted data. According to results of the Tübinger Automatic Perimeter 2000CC, the decrease of DLS of between 20 years and over 60 years aged people is in the centre clearly smaller than in the periphery. Details of the evaluation are described.

1 Eye Clinic Plauen, Weisestr. 8, 08523 Plauen
2 University Eye Clinic, Schleichstr. 12, D-72076 Tübingen