97th DOG Annual Meeting 1999



R. Ungerechts1, M. L├╝chtenberg1, H.-W. Meyer-R├╝senberg2, K.-H. Emmerich1

New diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities have been made possible though by establishment of endoscopic - examination methods in the treatment of the lacrimal drainage system. The assessment of the mucous membrane situation can be checked intraoperatively. In addition to the treatment of lacrimal stenosis by laser surgery, there is the possibility of mechanical rechannelisation with a drill system.

Patients: Since April 1998 in the eye clinics concerned a microdrill - dacryoplastic was performed on 44 patients. In 39 cases a microdrill - dacryoplastic was performed only, in 5 cases in addition with a laserdacryoplastic.

Results : A succesfull rechannelisation under endoscopic control was possible in all cases. There were no complications. The microdrill opens a new dimension of minimal invasive surgery in the lacrimal drainage system surgery, even the long term results have to be checked.

Eye clinic, Klinikum Darmstadt, Heidelberger Landstr. 379, D-64297 Darmstadt
Eye clinic, St. Josef-Hospital, Dreieckstr. 17, D-58093 Hagen