97th DOG Annual Meeting 1999



S. Groß, M. Knorz, A. Liermann, S. Weigold, B. Jendritza, H. Liesenhoff

The purpose of this clinical study was to evaluate spherical equivalent, best visual acuity and anterior chamber flare after implantation of a Worst-Iris Claw Lens to correct high myopia in phakic eyes.
From September 1996 to February 1999 the implantation of a Worst-Iris Claw Lens was performed on 44 highly myopic phakic eyes of 28 patients. These patients have been examined 6 weeks after implantation. Data of 24 eyes of 16 patients with 6 months follow up were available. Preoperatively, bestcorrected visual acuity, subjective refraction, anterior chamber depth and axial length were measured. Postoperative examination included uncorrected and bestcorrected visual acuity and subjective refraction. Anterior chamber flare was measured using the Kowa FM-500 Laser Flare Meter.

Mean preoperative sperical equivalent was -16.45+/-3.78D. 6 weeks after the implantation of the Worst-Iris Claw Lens the mean sperical equivalent was -0.03+/-1.06D and 6 months postoperatively -0,14+/-0.73D. 6 weeks after surgery 93% and 6 months after implantation 96% of the eyes were within +/- 1.0 D from target refraction. Mean bestcorrected visual acuity was 0.43+/-0.19 preoperatively. 6 weeks postoperatively mean bestcorrected visual acuity was 0.65+/-0.11 and 6 months postoperatively 0.61+/-0.18.

The Laser flare meter measurement showed the following results: 6 weeks after the treatment: no flare (<10 photons/ms) in 23% of the eyes, mild anterior chamber flare (11-80 photons/ms) in 75% and a severe flare (>80 photons/ms) in 2% of the treated eyes. 6 monthes postoperatively: no flare in 33% of the examined eyes, a mild flare in 63% and a severe anterior chamber flare in 4%.

In conclusion, implantation of a Worst-Iris Claw Lens seems to be an interesting method to correct high myopia. None or mild anterior chamber flare and a good visual acuity were measured in most eyes 6 weeks and 6 months after surgery. Wether there is a persistence of the anterior chamber flare a longer follow up is needed.

University Eye Hospital, Theodor-Kutzer-Ufer 1-3, D-68167 Mannheim