97th DOG Annual Meeting 1999



R.-C. Lerche, K. Wilhelm, G. Richard

Purpose: Thrombophilic abnormalities and defects in the anticoagulant system like hypofibrinolysis, activated protein C resistance and factor V Leiden mutation may produce retinal vascular occlusions.

Patients: Blood samples of 66 consecutive retinal vascular occlusion patients were obtained and analysed for protein C resistance and fibrinolysis activity. Other thrombophilic and standard laboratory coagulant examinations were performed as well.

Results: For the evaluation of factor VIII an increased activity was found in 72% of the collective. As well 24% of all patients and 32% of patients younger than 45 years were resistant to activated protein C. Only one patient showed a factor V Leiden mutation.

Conclusion: Thrombophilic activity in cases of protein C resistance or factor V Leiden mutation may result in severe thrombotic manifestations in ocular vessels. Compared to elderly especially for young people an activated protein C resistance seems be one of the most common causes for retinal vascular occlusion.

University-Eyeclinic Hamburg, Martinistrasse 52, 20246 Hamburg